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Who is Fly?


Fly was established in 2009 by Lok Chung, who has a passion for basketball and saw a need to produce and design in-expensive on-court performance team apparel, which did not affect quality or comfort.


Fly not only specializes in on-court performance team apparel, it also has a wide range of casual wear. Fly produces their own designs, and also collaborates with their customers in the manufacture and design process.



Fly aims to provide quality clothing at an affordable price, which is fashionable and stylist.



1. Produce and design products in the Fly brand name

2. Collaborate, develop and maintain relationships with partners and customers

3. Provide honest, quality and flexible services to customers


We are not just a clothing company. We are a bunch of guys who are extremely passionate about what we are doing and would like to share with the world.


Fly is a brand of our love and passion for fashion, design, arts, sports, culture, music, etc.



Fly is a Hip-Hop inspired brand specialising in customised sportswear, team apparels & casual wear. At Fly, we believe our clothing style is 'A Combination of Attitude & Lifestyle'.


We try to offer fashionable and stylish clothing at an affordable price and anybody can represent Fly!



We are not aiming to dominate the fashion world, but whoever is wearing Fly's products, we want them to bring out Fly's Attitude - Be passionate in what you do and Stay Fly.



Fly offers a variety of clothing lines and you can put on Fly regardless where you are!


Our products and services include:

- Casual wear

- Street wear

- Sports wear

- Customized sports uniforms (Athletics, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc)

- Women's clothing (ButterFly)

- Accessories (Fly Accessories)


You design, we make it for you